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Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Covington, Tennessee

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What we do
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What We Do

We do church like Jesus did. At least as close as possible! Here's a little bit of what we do and what we don’t do:

Our purpose is to share the gospel and the love of Jesus with anyone and everyone who shows up under a tree with us.

Because we love Jesus, we will love you like He did—unconditionally. No matter what. 

  • We meet and talk about real life and real Truth in God’s Word in intimate discussions. 

  • We try to live out God’s Word—not just talk about it.

  • We pray for those who gather with us under the tree.

  • We give practical help and connect people in need with resources that can help them live life.

  • Because we don’t have a building or paid staff (we all volunteer), every penny you give is used to provide for those who gather with us under the tree.  100% of what you give to us, we give to the people God sends to us.  Every penny.  Just like Jesus did…

Who we are

Who We Are

Church Under a Tree is made up of families, single men and women, and kids.  Some of us don’t “do church” in a building on Sunday morning, but some of us do.  All of us believe that Church Under a Tree is what Jesus would do…and that’s very different than how most people do church in a building.


Church Under A Tree is driven by one single goal—to do Church like Jesus did. We are committed to intimate personal relationships that point us all to Jesus.  We believe that’s what Jesus would have done, and we believe it is His model to transform lives and to transform the communities we live in. 

Serving Our Communities

Church Under A Tree is dedicated to loving people and serving them by being the hands and feet of Jesus. Through community support we believe we can change lives and change eternities! 

If you want to help us make a difference, join us!


We have TWO locations:

Church Under a Tree, Baton Rouge

Repentance Park, Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Church Under a Tree, Tennessee

Frazier Park, Covington, Tennessee

Check out what happens under the tree:

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Every Sunday at 3:00pm (rain or shine)

How we serve




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